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Fog Jet Nozzle


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Like an ethereal, mystical mist embodying a spiritual vision, Special Fog Jet nozzle brings imagination to life with soft, benevolent character. Full and nearly translucent, the effect of the Special Fog Jet is just opaque enough to mask the background slightly, bringing the foggy mist to the foreground while maintaining an almost coy presence as if trapped between two dimensions. Its very large fog effect is extremely good for pond aeration.

Part of our Maxi Stratavator nozzle series, the Special Fog Jet is designed for light wind conditions wherever large, highly visible water effects are called for. By day, the fog effect delights the eye with its dynamic, personified quality and brilliant rainbow captures. At night, properly lit, the effect is a feature presentation unto itself.

Technical description:

*Suitable for light wind conditions.
* The Special Fog Jet nozzle is water level independent and can be located in “dry” areas.
* The Special Fog Jet nozzle has a 3″ female NPT connection.
* For proper performance the water supply should be reasonably non-turbulent. This can be achieved by providing a straight length of feed pipe prior to the nozzle equivalent to eight pipe diameters.
* Provide a basket strainer for nozzle protection. Maximum 5/32″ diameter perforations.

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