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Rainjet Dancing Jewels Fountain Nozzle



An energy efficient nozzles, the Dancing Jewels is designed to offer the maximum visual effect with the least amount of water consumption, and is best suited to locations sheltered from wind.

  • All Dancing Jewels nozzles are water level independent types and can be located in “dry” areas.
  • The Dancing Jewels nozzle utilizes a rotating element to create the triple tier effect. Filtration of the pool water is recommended.
  • Since the Dancing Jewels nozzle discharges above the pool water level, no check valve is required in installations that have various level pools.
  • All Dancing Jewels nozzles are female NPT threads.
  • Dancing Jewels nozzles are high efficiency nozzles, and use little water to create the visual effect. As such, they should be used in locations sheltered from wind.

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Connection Size

1 1/4", 2"