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Trumpet Nozzle


With its wide, misty, transparent quality, our Special Trumpet nozzle sets the stage for a pleasant, pastoral, peaceful water show. Similar to our other trumpets, this nozzle also presents the visage of a bugle bell pointed skyward, but with a unique translucence that captures rainbows in its joyful spray. The effect makes for the kind of water feature people want to be near. Picnicking on the bank, listening to the background of Trumpet music, enjoying scenery unencumbered yet augmented by the beauty of the effect.

Part of our Maxi Stratavator series of nozzles, the Special Trumpet blends perfectly with its surroundings, adding flavor and visual appeal without overwhelming. This nozzle is ideally suited wherever a large but simple display is called for, and best in light to moderate wind conditions. Highly visible by day, its effect is wondrously ephemeral when illuminated at night.

Technical description:

*Suitable for light to moderate wind conditions.
* The Special Trumpet nozzle is water level independent and can be located in “dry” areas.
* The Special Trumpet nozzle has a 3″ female NPT connection.
* For proper performance the water supply should be reasonably non-turbulent. This can be achieved by providing a straight length of feed pipe prior to the nozzle equivalent to eight pipe diameters.
* Provide a basket strainer for nozzle protection. Maximum 5/32″ diameter perforations.

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